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The Power of Story Telling

It’s part of the filipino culture to give nicknames to people
some bizarre and weird like toyo, kirat, pilay etc
and here’s what’s interesting about it
when they die that’s the only thing that people will remember
that’s their one line story legacy
they will be known by their unique physical characteristic
what they did while they were still young etc.
and knowing that here’s a question I would like you to reflect on
what is the singlemost thing people remember from you?
not what you think should remember but what they would remember of you?
and is that how you want to be remembered? are you satisfied with your one line story of your legacy?
because if not what are the specific steps you need to take to get that legacy and when specifically do you want to have it, because once you have it then that would be the thing people will remember you with and that is one of the most powerful tools that you can have to influence people and help them change for them to be more inspired and more motivated for them to create their own legacy

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