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Reaching Out and Reaching In

One of the people I look up to in the spiritual sense is Paramahansa Yogananda, he have a wonderful story when he went to America for the first time and he saw someone laughing at him.

The guy was laughing at Yogananda because he was wearing a typical yellow robe of the yogi which is very unusual especially for there aren’t many people who wears that especially in the early 1900’s. Rather than ignore the other person, Yogananda did something marvelous that really change the way I view things, He knew for a fact that even though the laughter of didn’t affect him that guy was committing negative karma against him so what he did is TRY TO HELP HIM to stop committing more karma. He wanted him to be healed.


That’s why he approached the guy in a very friendly way and humorously told him “I may look crazy to you but aren’t we all crazy?”. That consequently changes the view of the other person on him which prevented the karma and instead create positive vibes as they laugh together.

That leads me to where I am now, Instead of leaving someone to continually hurt themselves with their negative suggestion of themselves I try as much as I can to reach out to people even though helping him wouldn’t make my life something better for I don’t see most of them most of the time and if I leave them be it wouldn’t have any effect on me but still instead of just leaving them be, I choose to heal them for I know I have the skills and knowledge to make their lives better and it wouldn’t be useful to selfishly hoard it to myself and the people around me

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