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Life and Responsibility

Ever so often I see people who are having problems with their lives and they seem to can’t get themselves to move and solve it, whether they are hesitating, anxious or even fearful for what might happen if they did the thing inside their head and that made remember the memorable advice of John Maxwell
He said: You always have a choice, no one is ever left without any choices. Even though you feel helpless and stressed in your work,school or business you can still choose to quit your job, don’t go to school or close down your business, maybe you’ll die of poverty or hunger but still it is still a choice. And knowing that it is still a choice then you could choose , is that what you want or not. Because if that is not what you want (poverty) and you know the consequences of doing what you are supposed to be doing (working) then you have to accept it, own your decision and be accountable for it.
If you look at it this way then you can never say that you are a victim or a slave of your parents or someone else that they decide for your life because now it is your decision and not of somebody else. If you take responsibility for your life then you have to be accountable for the effects of it and easily solve most of the problems that you’ll encounter.
And one last thing, allowing other people decide for you and not taking action is still a decision, it’s not their fault but yours, for it’s not their life but yours

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