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Are you trying to lose weight?

Lately there had been a surge of people going to the clinic for weight loss and most of them can’t control their eating of sweets, fatty foods etc. where if they see it they have to eat it and if they eat it, they have to finish it.

Well, All of them knows that if they eat the things they aren’t supposed to be eating frequently then they would be getting the things that they are avoiding which is gaining weight, increasing the blood pressure and increasing their sugar level which is bad for them knowing that they are at risk for hypertension, diabetics and other cardiac diseases

More often than not I ask them, What is more “valuable” to you? satisfying yourself for a few minutes eating the food that you want or adding a few more years to your life to take care of your kids or even your grandchildren and teaching them the right way to live and the guiding them to the right path? It might remove the instant gratification that you want from eating but it will fulfill your life goals that would satisfy your happiness

Because for me the goal of eating is for you to be healthy, satisfaction comes second (you can ask bear grylls about it). And knowing the main goal of it then you have to think of the right ways for your food to be healthy and stopping to think which happiness do you really like makes people think, which leads them to think differently and hopefully act differently

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